Welcome to the french cabinet maker’s

Through my logo , inspired of the XVIII th century WORKSHOP ENSIGNS , please come in to discover its different aspects .

A place first of all , a space of work and design , imbued with smells of FRENCH POLISH and BAIN-MARIE HEATING GLU , sounds of TOOLS and STRIP SAWS , not to mention others.
A field also , wherein my professional identity has been engraved since the 80’s (DNH being my initials) , where each case is considered on its own with the objective of being rehabilitated , embellished , in one word restored to its ancient glory .

Since I opened my first workshop in Boulogne-Billancourt , at the age of 21 , right after completing my training period , I kept on experimenting the art of giving a second life , a new resonance and a recovered front position in an interior decoration , to the ANTIQUE PIECE OF FURNITURE which would have lost luster and shine when broken and time-worn . Once being reinstated into its prime decorative amplitude , though it may retain some of the tiniest scars of old age , each of these pieces will , in short, only regain a deep enough aesthetic equivalent in the so rare creations of today that are mostly their scions with different shapes .

When considering this perspective of antique pieces restoration , some say : “ What a pity to remove the entire past of an object , that will look like its copy once “renovated” ...” .
Fine . This approch would confuse old and ancient . Wouldn’t it ? Restoring does not mean renewing but , quite the contrary , if the purpose is more putting back in light what time has faded .
An interresting comparison would be with collection vehicles : when restored , they captivate everyone’s eyes on their path . Why ? In first place because they are maintained in good working order ! They fit to be seen and , when revealed , they are the pride of their owners .
What can be sadder than old Rolls Royces, Delages, even Morris or Fords rotting at the back of a garden for a so-called “ original condition”.
When delapidation distorts an object deep enough to away it from its function , action may be more the answer than inaction .
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